Based only on the lectures and supplemental sources I posted, discuss with examples from the lectures and assigned module reading “The legislation that gave rise to Reconstruction and the key political party to make it happen, explain the judicial and political factors that caused Reconstruction to fail, and a Jim Crow law that oppressed African Americans (Freedmen and women) ?” IMPORTANT: you must use at least one example (quote) from a lecture and the assigned module reading.

Important Part of Discussion:

Also, use the material to find a contemporary connection, but think deeply and critically, I am looking for thoughtful, analytical, and insightful discussions, basically how do you see this topic as relevant to today? Hint: this is a topic that impacts people politically, economically, and socially, so just an idea to consider, how do laws, politics and courts help or hurt the freedoms and or rights of American citizens today, but if you have other ideas consider it for your contemporary connection. Consider your response to the prompt and now add to your discussion making a contemporary connection (this is your voice here, on what you think). No research! Just think and discuss what you think? So you are answering the prompt, but also adding commentary about how this topic connects to today. (All discussions must remain tactful and professional!!!!!! There will be grade deductions for attacking anyone)

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