How verbal & non-verbal communication aid criminal investigation

TOPIC: how non-verbal communication is used in criminal investigation.
QUESTION: what results nonverbal communication have achieved. a) more law enforcement agencies are turning to reading non-verbal signs in their investigation process. b) compared to verbal communication, non-verbal communication cannot lie.
SIGNIFICANCE: … to help my readers understand… how non-verbal communication is being used in criminal investigation process and how effective are these non-verbal signals. (give examples)

RESEARCH QUESTION IDEA: What roles does non-verbal communication plays in the criminal investigation process?

This paper needs to include an
a) intro – about 350 words
b) the final lit review (40 points)
c) references page in APA format (5 points) – please include at least 6 references about communication in criminal investigation
AND THAT’S IT – NO – you do NOT need a method, results, discussion, conclusion, etc. You ONLY need to have what is listed above: intro, lit review, references.

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