Islam and Homosexuality

Using Kugle’s article (“Islam and Homosexuality”) as an entrance point into Qur’anic interpretation examine (in 700-800 words) one or two key Qur’anic verses that Muslims have used to argue their differing positions concerning same-sex sexual relations. The differing interpretations of the Qur’an’s view on homosexuality will be based almost entirely on Kugle’s article. Even though Kugle presents a counter argument to conservative views against homosexuality in Islam, he, by default, also presents the counter-position (i.e. the conservative view within Islam). Students will evaluate these varying interpretations based on the evidence from Kugle’s article.

To answer the prompt above, focus on section of Nature and Personality: According to Kugle what is the role of modern science in discussions about same-sex orientation? How might this bear on Muslims interpretations of the Qur’an? What various roles do genetics and external experiences play?

No introduction paragraph is needed, just the thesis statement.

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