Effects of Single-Parenting on Child’s Academic Success

The length of the final report is a minimum of 8 pages, single-spaced.

The purpose of the final report is not to simply inform or argue. It is not a “should or should not” essay. It is to present information/data, offer analysis, and make recommendations on how to solve a problem.

For analytical reports: identify your focus (examine, evaluate, and compare). Clearly and briefly explain the problem. Analyze your possible solutions in depth. You must make recommendations!

Make sure your reasons are fully supported by appropriate evidence.

Include counter arguments. Be sure to address the other side. Why might people disagree with your report? How would you answer their concerns? Especially address concerns about cost and feasibility.

Use balanced, varied, and reputable sources. Have a works cited page. Follow MLA guidelines for your report and your Works Cited page.

Use appropriate visuals such as graphs, charts, or diagrams.

Please review the Final Report Rubric below for the grading criteria:

· Problem is significant and clearly stated. Recommendations or plans are detailed and well-documented.

· Audience has been carefully considered and the report is tailored to their level of technicality

· Information is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs and subheadings.

· All sources (information and graphics) are accurately documented in MLA format.

· Report includes letter of transmittal, complete table of contents, abstract, MLA-formatted Works Cited Page, and appendices if appropriate.

· Few to no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. The format is Times New Roman font, 12 pt, single-spaced.


Final Report MUST include:

-Title page (does not count for page count)

-Letter of transmittal (see. P. 519 – Lannon Chapter 21)

-Table of Contents

-Informative Abstract (a specific summary of your research results.)

Abstract should stand alone in terms of meaning

Write for a general audience

Present report’s highlights

1. Identify issue that led to report

2. Offer key facts, statistics and findings

3. Include a condensed conclusion and recommendations or plan

Body- must be at least 5 pages single-spaced

Works Cited page-you must also use in-text citations.

Appendix or Glossary if needed

REPORT MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 8 PAGES—not counting title page

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