Coagulopathy and Other Clinical Characteristics of Adolescents Hospitalized with E-Cigarette- or Vaping-Associated Lung Injury at Two Tertiary Children Hospitals

This is my very first research paper and I am having an extremely difficult time doing the discussion portion.  It has taken me weeks to even come up with a possible outline.  I’m not looking for someone to actually write the entire thing, I just need some kind of written template.  My goal for the discussion portion is 1500-2000 words.  Something that logically flows and can have blanks for me to fill in, etc.  I need someone to put me on the right path!  I have attached two documents, first an abstract of my research with 15 references, as well as my purposed outline (not set in stone, any guidance is needed!).  I have also included two articles for some guidance, but there are plenty out there that I can easily give if needed (in addition to those listed in the abstract).

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