Personal anecdote

This are the instructions my teacher left me for the final essay, the story/personal anecdote has to answer all of these:

-balance between showing and telling
Does the text begin with showing? does the text include metaphorical language? does the text provide rich and satisfying reflection that links the personal experience of the writer with the larger needs of the audience?
can the reader perceive the writer’s voice and personality in the text? does the language in the text feel realistic and authentic? does the writer come close to his/her topic so that the reader senses a strong connection and commitment?
does the text slow down and speed up when it needs to? does the writer avoid the pitfall of trying to cover too much ground, treating everything with the same level of importance? does the writer avoid the pitfall of missing too many details and hurriedly glossing over important details? is there an attempt to use narrative time and not merely follow chronological time?
-reader’s need
does the text translate beyond the writer’s personal experience and offers the reader something of value? does the text aim to make a strong connection to the reader by offering insightful reflection?
is the text edited to avoid basic grammar, punctuation and spelling issues? Is the dialogue in the text properly formatted based on the instruction from previous lessons? is the text formatted based on MLA guidelines?

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