Theme is based on the future of learning- The future of work

Essay – Building an academic argument.

This is essay is based on the theme The Future of Learning – The Future of Work

When developing this essay, keep in mind all of the elements of developing an argument. Use
one of the suggested outlines as a framework.

In the revision stages, remember to revise so that you have robust paragraphs that “argue” and use word choice effectively.
What are some important definitions, terms, and/or ideas that you’ve learned while learning more about this theme?

How does “context” play a role in the
discussion of these ideas? Keep this in mind when developing/revising your essay.

Edit so that you have clean sentences and give proper credit to sources used.

You must have a thesis with 2-3 points. Your essay should address each part of your question prompt so read your chose prompt carefully.

Each paragraph should be a well-developed and avoid vague language. Each paragraph should have clear examples, be well explained, and avoid vague language.

Write in third person.

Choose 3-4 sources from which you’ll get “evidence” in defense of your ideas.

Consider using Google Scholar as a “scholarly” source. From each source, select a quote in defense of your ideas. Make sure the quote is well-chosen. Make sure of all the quotes you have – you’ve inserted a variety of evidence in your essay (expert testimony, statistics, historical fact, etc.)

Be sure to quote your source properly. Use
an introductory phrase and put the author’s last name at the end of the quote. Ex: According to Jenkins, “xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx” (Jenkins). Use no more than two quotes. The original quotes shouldn’t be more than 3-4 lines

Use concrete examples in your illustrations and explanations. P.I.E. your paragraphs!

Use transitional words and phrases
to help ideas flow from one to the other. Additionally, the
transitions will help you to organize your writing.

Though this essay is short, language and idea development should be exemplary. This is why the
first essay is short so you can focus on strong idea development.

Format your essay MLA style (unless the assignment dictates otherwise).

Be sure to create an interesting, college-level essay title. Need help? See here:

Be specific in your word choices. Be descriptive and use lots of adjectives! Use exclamation points to show emotion and emphasis! Use various patterns of writing as need be to develop your ideas. See here:

Don’t use any burrowed information in this essay (other than the above mentioned quotes).

Revise, edit, and spell check your final draft.

Follow all the steps of the writing process.

Essay should be 2 ½ – 3 pages in length


Essay Prompt
Make an argument about your ideas on the future of learning and work. What does the future hold for American society? Is it “good bad” “right or wrong” “beneficial or not beneficial” and for whom specifically?
You don’t need to use the aforementioned language – but let the questions guide your
thoughts as you settle on a topic and develop your argument.
Support your argumentative ideas with a variety of credible sources.

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