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this is a biology Article. summarize the article and using the reference i have provided. an article and the experiment conducted by scientist . and we are reading and writing about the article. what is the experiment about? what is the history behind the experiment. what methods they was used to for the experiment? what was the findings and outcome of the experiments. everything you write about should come from the Article (the main Article) and in your on words. As for the source/ reference, i have provide 3 other article to be used. the writing should main focus is main article and 3 other are to be used as source and explain what the main article is saying.
the paper is going to be submitted through safe assign too, so it important to be not copy but write in ur own word.
also, please when explaining the result or discussing, please including the pictures from the Article which i label the images should from and explain it. aleast 3 or more images pls. NO OUTSIDE SOURCE

guideline in writing a term paper: ( the ApA formate please)



Experimental Procedures :



References: the main article and the 3 other article which i have added.


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