Total synthesis paper to read and evaluate

For the final assignment, I will provide each of you with a total synthesis paper to read and evaluate. You will write a short, informal paper (~3-4 pages) containing the following sections (numbered, please):
• Brief bio of the researchers
• Importance of the work, history, previous work – must contain at least one image taken from a previous synthesis or study of the molecule.
• General plan and key step(s) – must contain discussion of the core concept(s) behind the key steps including at least one original ChemDraw composition.
• Discussion on the success or failures of the approach, including discussion of the execution of the key step.
• One additional reaction you had never seen before and found interesting, including a mechanism for that reaction (can be drawn by you or lifted from a previous paper).
• References – must use at least 4 original research papers beyond the assigned one (so at least 5 total). No more than 1 paper can be cited in section 1 alone.
(Total Synthesis of Repraesentin F and Configuration Reassignment by a Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cyclization Cascade)

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