Assessing your own Leadership

The papers must be PLAG-FREE and PERSONALIZED, meaning you would have to write about my own organization and myself, not just answer the questions in general. For the purpose of that, I will be providing you with all the necessary info in private message (eg. organization name, my role, the industry i work in, and other personal details). No need to write any introduction – just answer to the AC questions. The questions must be answered exactly as instructed in the documents attached by using all the additional files in order to obtain a GOOD PASSING MARK. The instructions given in the uploaded files are very clear, they say it all in details, and need to be followed. I will be paying 50% of the price once the papers are ready, and then will submit the papers to the school. Once the school release the grades, I will pay the rest 50% of the agreed amount to the writer if the papers are not a failure. If the papers provided are not good enough for a pass mark and I fail – the writer will have to edit as instructed by the professor. Releasing the grades can take 40days therefore the writer will have to wait for the rest of the payment.

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