Social Problems Solution

Social Problems Solution paper

The purpose of this assignment is to:

Get you to think specifically about a single social problem and think about how to fix it. We all are part of this world and potentially contribute to many of the problems. We can also be a part of fixing those problems even if it’s 1 person at a time.
Get you to write at a college level (deductions will be taken for spelling/grammatical errors, poor sentences etc.)
Paper should be a minimum of 3 (maximum of 4) pages, double spaced, 12 inch Times Roman font. You should include a reference page that does not count in the total of pages. Plus 5 PowerPoint slides.

Select an aspect of social problem that we have covered in this course. (


Introduction: Introduce your social problem. In this paragraph you should show that your selected issue meets the standard of a social problem based on how a social problem is defined (chapter 1).

Support/body: write a minimum of two pages explaining the problem/issue and the current status, development or circumstances of the problem/issue.While your main focus should be on the United States, you can include data/facts from a global perspective. You must use a minimum of 3 sources.One can be from the text. You should paraphrase the information. The written paper will be submitted through TurnItIn – a resource that checks for original work. Be sure to credit your source. Example – “87% of those in poverty…. “ (Waston, 2015)

Decide on a social action/solution you would use to attempt to address the problem. We have discussed some ideas in class. You need to be original and/or expand on efforts already being made (which means you need to have an understanding of what is already being done. Be specific and explain how this would be implemented. There are no wrong answers/plans as long as they are realistic. (So no – ‘give everyone 1million $.) Your solution should be connected to one of the sociological perspectives. Be sure to explain this. Two pages. Really take some time to think this through.

Conclusion – summarize.

Reference Page – APA format

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