Essay Question: Critically discuss the extent to which different conceptualizations of organizational culture can enhance or inhibit our attempts at organizational change

Look at the different concepts of Organization Culture in the context of Organizational Change


– Please cite/use all these 5 references!

– The word limit is 1,100 words, and the minimum is 1,000 words.

– The answer should be based first and foremost on primary academic sources: academic articles, both empirical and theoretical.

– Please see attached reference academic papers that have to be used as sources and for reference purposes.

– Any statements based on personal or professional experience, beliefs, etc., will not be assessed and lower the answer’s quality.

– Non-academic sources, TED talks, Wikipedia, Harvard Business Review, etc., should not be used to support the answer.

– Required to cite sources appropriately using the APA format and to provide a list of references at the end. In-text citations will count towards the word limit, but the references will not.

– The list of references should match exactly all in-text citations, and no other references should be added to the list.

– Be especially careful when using quotations. These need to be referenced appropriately (author(s), date, page number, within quotation marks).

– The answer should be written in an essay format. Do not use bullet points.

– Best arguments are critical – meaning consider some limitations or weaknesses of what is given in the findings or even in critical literature itself. You can do that by pointing out some contradictions and inconsistencies, opposing one argument with an alternative interpretation, showing methodological shortcomings, or questioning or problematizing assumptions or implications.

– By a good argument, they mean a coherent, logical, and well-supported set of points advancing a particular view or reaching a particular conclusion.

– Essay structure:

1) Introduction statement (introductory statement, definition/description of the theory and how it is applied) – 200-250 words

2) Main arguments (supportive/critical, should be at least 2 arguments) addressing the questions – 600-650 words

3) Conclusion – 100 words

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