Why Parenting Styles Matter In a Childs Development

Choose one of the following topics and explore how it has an impact across lifespan development. i.e. bullying and how being bullied can impact development across the lifespan. Topics: Bullying, Poverty, Access to Quality Health Care, Gender Inequality, Racial Discrimination, other topic with prior approval of instructor. Paper grade will include a 5 min presentation in the last week of class.

Paper should be a minimum of 12 pages (not to exceed 15 pages) in length and in the APA style. You will need to use at least 10 references. The remainder of your sources can be electronic. I expect for your papers to be spell checked, edited, and written at the college level. If you need assistance with checking grammar, grammarly.com is an excellent option. I also recommend the Purdue Online Writing Lab (owl.purdue.edu) for assistance with APA formatting. T

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