APA Method Section format

Your method section must included the following:

1st level heading of “Method” at the top of the page (centered and boldface) and 2 level headings for “Particpants”, “Design”, and “Procedure” (flush left and boldface)
page number in heading (flush right)
a clear description of participants, the design, and procedure
Please see sample method section
here for example of overall formatting and some further instructions (included within the text).

The paper also must follow these General APA guidelines:

Use a 1-inch margin on all sides.
Use a 12-point font such as Times New Roman (APA manual allows other fonts, but please use Times New Roman for this assignment).
Double-space your entire paper.
Make sure to remove any extra spacing that Microsoft Word places between headings and paragraphs by default. You can do this by going to Paragraph Settings (see image below). Make sure under “Spacing” that “Before” and “After” are set at “0” and that “Line Spacing” is set at “Double”.

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