How might neoliberalism impact wellbeing and mental health

80%, 2500 word End-of-Term essay

This assessment is focused on applying political economy concepts or theoretical frameworks to understanding contemporary issues. You may select one of the list of essays provided.

You will be required to use and refer to at least five academic texts in your essay. In the body of the assignment, you must cite all texts you have used, and in the list of references at the end, you must reference all texts you have cited. The Harvard Style is recommended by the School of Social Justice. Please note that if you are already familiar with and competent in the use of an alternative accredited citation style, you may use that in your assignments.

You should submit a well-structured essay with clear arguments. You must demonstrate that you have carried out a sufficient level of reading, and have critically reflected on relevant theory on the topic.

The word count can be under or over by no more than 10%. Please note that the bibliography (list of references) is not counted as part of your word limit.

references to include

Fisher, M. 2014. ‘Good for nothing’ in The Occupied Times, URL: ***


TASC, 2018. Living with uncertainty: the social context of precarious work. Dublin: TASC. URL:

Bailes, J. 2017. ‘Mental health and neoliberalism: an interview with William Davies’ in Counter Punch, URL: **


Harri, J. 2018. ‘Is Neoliberalism Making Our Depression and Anxiety Crisis Worse?’ in In These Times, URL: *

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