Organizational Development Paper

Hello Everyone,
These are the instructions or what we need to do 🙂
1) Overview TME 3- it has the requirements and instructions and rubrics
2)Textbook 4 A 3- Of course, the textbook we need to summarize. Most of the requirements are to SUMMARIZE the textbook pages. NO HEAVY research just summarize to be honest.

3) Someone wrote the Assignment 2. However, WE NEED A REWORD of the ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW.
BACKGROUND: De Castro company is technically Age Care which is nursing home. We just cant use the real company’s name so we use a fake cover up name. ISSUES IN THE PAPER COMPANY ARE poor leadership and feedback

4? Assignment 3 Guide from prof- basically USE THE WORDS SHE SAID. To write the paper, in some parts she basically said what needs to be on the paper so we just have to reword it. For example, SHE GAVE US what we need for intervention strategies.

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