Conflict Management presentation plan

You will be randomly assigned to a group of officers. Each group will be assigned a scenario which must be addressed using one or a combination of the conflict management strategies/concepts presented in Modules 6 and 7:

Rational Conflict Resolution
Constructive Conflict Resolution
Conflict Mapping
Scenario :

Resident Shared Recreation

You have been tasked with settling a dispute between two groups of residents within the correctional facility at which you work. The groups come from different units (Unit A and Unit B), who come together twice per week to share a common area for recreation. This area has amenities such as a television, access to video games, arts supplies, and various other materials for recreation. There have been many heated altercations between members of the two groups in recent weeks. The Facility Director would like the conflict between these two groups to be managed effectively. Given that access to activities such as provided in the recreation area is an important part of the facility philosophy, simply cancelling the recreation access is not an option. The Facility Director also would like to avoid using threats or sanctions, since she knows that these are only short-term solutions. Since all Correctional Staff in the facility have recently take a course in Conflict Management, you have been tasked with creating a conflict management strategy that will allow for these two groups to settle their differences and maintain harmony in their interactions.


Your group will act as a team of officers responsible for the area in which your scenario is occurring. It is your responsibility to build a strategy to resolve the issue(s) to in a positive way for all parties and to minimize repeat occurrences.

Note – the purpose of this assignment is for your Instructor to assess your understanding of and ability to apply the course concepts. As such, you should bring as much of the course content to the process as you can.

Content: For purposes of this assignment, your team of officers is essentially a task force who has been assigned and collected information about a specific problem. You are not responding in the moment; rather, you have had time to gather information and develop a well thought-out proposed conflict management strategy that has a realistic chance to succeed. Deliver this presentation as if you were proposing it to your superiors , who will either give you permission to implement your strategy or send you back to the drawing board. Keep in mind, such special projects often have an impact on performance reviews and future promotions. Once you create a quality proposal with a significant chance of success, you need to sell it to your superiors.

This assignment consists of two parts:

Part A: Written Presentation Plan You will find a sample presentation plan in Canvas, in the module called “Course Resources”. Please use this presentation plan outline for the assignment. Part of planning a group presentation is identifying who will be responsible for what, both with regard to preparation and presentation. Please incorporate who is doing what into your presentation plan (i.e. identify who is responsible for preparing what sections and who is presenting what slides). The Written Presentation Plan can be submitted below. Each group member must participate equally in both the preparation and presentation of this project.

Your presentation plan must include a title page – use proper APA format for this. Your lesson plan and presentation slides will both be marked with regard to grammar and writing technique. Your presentation will also be marked with regard to the quality of the power point – remember to make it visually appealing, which includes not cramming too much text on your slides and making sure your slides are legible to your audience (note: running content too close to the edges of the slides reduces readability). In addition, your dress and deportment will be a portion of your presentation mark, so make sure you dress professionally and present in an appropriate manner.

Part B: Power Point Presentation. Your group will prepare a powerpoint presentation summarizing your strategic process, including course content, and deliver to the class and your instructo

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