This paper will critically discuss how an individual’s health affects the entire family’s functioning, and in turn, the family’s ability to function affects each individual member’s health.


This term paper assignment will provide the student with the opportunity to critically explore an issue in family nursing, demonstrating critical inquiry and reflection on the course content. The student will submit a comprehensive scholarly paper on one of the topics below. The paper must clearly demonstrate knowledge of relevant and current family nursing research and evidence-based practice (no more than 5-7 years old). The essay must not exceed seven (7) pages or be less than six (6) pages – not including the title and reference pages. You must access and reference a minimum of ten (10-15) scholarly articles from peer reviewed academic journals to support the essay topic chosen.  More than half of the cited references must be from peer reviewed nursing journals. APA formatting required. Choose one of the 3 (three) following topics and use the thesis topic and purpose as worded below in your introduction: The paper will also provide specific clinical examples from literature and/or research evidence to support the discussion.

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