Back to the Future movie film analysis essay


Just need to rewrite my essay. I will provide my teacher feedback down below.  ” I have provided you with feedback on your document.  I am concerned with what you have because you do not have a clear focus. You do not have a thesis statement that develops literary elements or literary criticism. Then, as I began reading your paper, there is a lack of connection between your ideas. You seem to jump from the topic of the film, to different themes, and then, to the plot. I didn’t finish reading what you have because you are not going in the correct direction.  You need to develop a clear and focused thesis statement. Then, if you want to focus on the theme of the film, you can choose one or two different themes and your entire paper needs to be about that theme.  If you chose the topic of family for your theme or the topic of change for your theme, that is fine. However, your research should go along with those ideas.  If you want to analyze the plot, that is also okay, but then that is the only topic you are using for your paper. You can focus on plot and then use ideas such as setting to help support the plot, but the focus is only plot. Remember, your thesis statement should develop the focus of your paper. Therefore, whatever you have for your thesis statement needs to be your entire paper. It needs to be detailed and focused. It shouldn’t be vague. As you have it now, your thesis statement is vague and lacking in what you are analyzing as far as literature is concerned.  If you create a new thesis statement that you want me to review, I am happy to do so. Please just reply to my comments here and I will review your thesis statement.  General comments:  Please make sure you do submit your film analysis on 12/2. Do not forget that it is worth 20% of your grade. Please be sure to edit your work. Make sure you spend time reviewing the handout I provided regarding grammar and mechanics and the slide presentation regarding What to Avoid in Academic Writing. In your final draft, make sure you avoid “you” in academic writing. This is explained in the “What to Avoid in Academic Writing” slide presentation.  -Common Errors:  -What to Avoid in Academic Writing: Do not forget to include a citation page, and make sure you are following proper MLA 8 for all in-text citations.  -Using MLA 8: -Writing about Literature: Always review the prompt, rubric, slide presentation, and example.  -prompt: -rubric: -slide presentation: -student sample: “

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