Presence of Human Factors as Possible Cause


We will be reviewing the disastrous crash of Boeing 767, operated by Atlas Air, Inc. on behalf of Amazon Prime Air.  Review the findings of the National Transportation Safety Board and research how this sort of judgement error, or, in this case, series of judgement errors, could occur within today’s strict FAA pilot training certification process.  While an in depth analysis would take a team of researchers several months, you are asked to take a quick overview NTAB Report provided, and, based on what we have studied about Human Factors, how could it have been avoided.  Your results should be submitted in a paper of no more than two (2) pages (single spaced), with an additional page(s) for sources.   There are three (3) broad areas to focus on:   1.       Review the crew’s performance using the SHEL model that proposes humans are the center of a complex aviation system designed to insure a safe, efficient operation and mission. 2.       Compare how the final minutes of the flight fit in the Reason’s model (Swiss Cheese model). 3.       How is Gordon DuPont’s “Dirty Dozen” of human factors applicable, and which of the twelve preconditions (behaviors) appear as possible causal factors?   Provide a summary paragraph for each focus area, based on your findings, that addresses how a better understanding and application of Human Factors theory could have prevented the failures from and missteps that combined to cause an avoidable accident and resulting loss of life.   There are no correct or incorrect answers.  However, the findings should be supported by reference to the three (3) focus areas.

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