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Your proposal describes your proposed plan of work: What you intend to study (scope and research questions). Investor’s Psychology and Securities Investment Strategy under Behavioral Finance How you intend to study your topic (methodology). I will investigate strategies such as variable trading investment, smallcap stock investment, effective average cost, diversified investment, and reverse investment to promote investors to improve their behavior and decision-making capabilities. Why this topic needs to be studied (significance). Nowadays, the world economy develops rapidly, and behavioral finance plays a vital role. Investor behavior will bring certain risks to the market to a certain extent. Therefore, I will conduct research on the securities investment behavior of finance. After a brief understanding of the development of financial theory, I will start with behavioral finance to specifically analyze the securities investment behavior, clarify the cognitive biases and psychological deficiencies of investors, and have targeted Put forward securities investment strategies, such as: variable trading investment, small-cap stock investment, effective average cost, diversified investment, reverse investment, etc., for reference.

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