Investigating Essay focused on the Need for Additional Affordable Child Care


An Investigating Essay is….    An opportunity for you to investigate (explore, research and explain) a topic of your choice. Your purpose is to investigate an issue, clearly explaining BOTH sides of the issue. The essay should revolve around a Central Question that you are trying to “answer.” Really good topics will not have an easy answer, however. Keep the following in mind:   Make sure your essay centers around a Question.    The best topics tend to be ones that you have some sort of experience with, whether personally or through a friend, relative or acquaintance.     You will need to include a profile or an extended interview (so plan your time accordingly).    Also, make sure to include definition (what), process analysis (how) and causal analysis (why).     And, of course, support your findings with facts, data, research, examples etc… And make sure to do your citations correctly J    Make sure to choose something that is researchable because you need to have 3 outside sources and include a Works Cited page.      3-5 pages typed, double spaced, 12 point font.

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