Literary Critique Essay: Edgar Sawtelle


Assignment: Compose a well-organized essay engaging a gender/feminist reading of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: Be sure to review the intricacies of the gender study before creating a working outline.  Prompt: Does the novel defy or support traditional views of women?  Requirements:  Essay should be 3-4 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12.  Header should align left and feature: Student’s Name; Class Section; Teacher Name; Date of Submission; Letter of Prompt Choice. This section is single-spaced.  Top right hand corner should feature Student’s last name and the page number in Times New Roman.  M.L.A. Citation throughout and Work Cited page (last page)  Essay should have a unique title different from the assignment title (subtitles are encouraged)  Must employ the funnel-effect to the introduction and conclusion (as discussed in class).  Thesis must be underlined and placed at the end of the first paragraph.  Paper should avoid drop quotes and repetition of words, phrases and sentence structure when possible.

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