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Compare and Contrast Essay Strategies Compare/Contrast Blocks o   Discuss all Similarities (one or more paragraphs) o   Discuss all Differences (one or more paragraphs) Point-by-Point o   Discuss the Similarities AND Differences of one aspect o   Discuss the Similarities AND Differences of a second aspect o   Discuss the Similarities AND Differences of a third aspect    You may choose one of those ideas. ·       Describe the similarities and differences between two famous people (athletes, movie stars, singers, politicians, historical figures, etc.) ·       Choose ONE important event (birthdays, weddings, funerals, etc.) and describe the similarities and differences of that event in two different countries. ·       living at home with your parents vs. living independently ·       two classes that you have taken/are taking.   Remember that: 1.Citations The essay contains at least 2 pieces of outside information In-text citations are correct. Works Cited page is correct. 2. Correct use of at least 4 adjective clauses (and correct punctuation) 3.Contains 5 Vocabulary Words from Chapter 3, used correctly.  (part of speech, meaningful sentence, understandable usage, etc.) affordable (adj) inexpensive, reasonably priced asset (n) something of value; a resource; an advantage; a benefit burden (n) A hardship; something difficult to bear; the disadvantage core (n) the central part of something; the most important part disruptive (adj) causing confusion, disorder, or interruption diversity (n) variety, having many different types/forms eliminate (v) to remove ethnic (adj) relating to races focus on (v) to give a lot of attention to one particular person, subject or thing harm (n/v) hurt, damage, mistreat in essence (conj. adv.) in other words, this is the basic element; this is the identifying characteristic integral (adj) essential; necessary to be complete intimidate (v) to make someone timid or frightened; to use fear to get someone to do (or not to do) something lenient (adj) not strict; showing tolerance or mercy massive (adj) large and heavy; a huge influence monitor (v) to watch closely and frequently; to observe and take note numerous (adj) a large number, very many overwhelming (adj) very intense; overpowering; too much to handle pretend (v) to act as if something is true when it is not true purchase (v) to buy something remarkable (adj) unusual; extraordinary; worthy of attention scenario (n) an outline for a planned series of events, either real or imagined unique (adj) one of a kind when it comes to (phrase) when you think about a specific aspect/scenario: “He’s not a good guitarist, but there is no better singer than him. = He’s not a good guitarist, but _____________ singing, he is the best.”

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