Reflective Essay: Code of Conduct and Harassment

Instructions Start by reading the following article on the McDonald’s CEO who was dismissed for violating his company’s code of conduct. After reading the article, reflect on the following questions.  Should employers have a code of conduct policy banning relationships in the workplace? Why or why not? What can companies do to reduce the number of sexual harassment complaints filed? Do you think McDonalds is liable for labor violations committed by individual franchises? Why or why not? Download the template attached to this assignment and use it to write your reflective essay. Use the template to put structure to your reflection. Tie in your own professional experience with what you learned from the course this week. The template provides sections for an introduction, overview of the harassment issue, employer responsibility, liability of franchises, and a conclusion. You must reference the textbook at least once and reference two other authoritative sources. Write from your own perspective in first person. Write at a collegiate level using APA formatting but do not include an abstract (the template will guide you).

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