Applied linguistics

Questions for “Applied Linguistics” 1. What are the main goals of applied linguistics as opposed to those of formal linguistics (as advocated by N. Chomsky)? (chapter 1) 2. Describe the primary features of the three types of grammars: prescriptive grammars, descriptive grammars, and pedagogical grammar. (chapter 2) 3. What are four major strategies that one can make use of in finding the meaning of unknown words and making the words stay in memory? (chapter 3) 4. In what aspect(s) is pragmatics different from semantics? (chapter 5) 5. What features characterize corpus-based analyses of languages? (chapter 6) 6. Discuss how the two approaches (that is, linguistic and psychological) to L1/L2 acquisition differ. (chapter 7) 7. Describe four principal aspects of motivational teaching practice. (chapter 10)

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