Assignment #6 – Rescue this Resume or Correct this Cover Letter

Please do the rescue the resume!!! Download File and rewrite!!! Your task is to either rescue the attached resume or correct and rewrite the cover letter;  one or the other,  but not both.      If you choose to rescue this resume,  be sure to pay attention to the following,  as if this were your resume.   Professional address header Appropriate choice of functional or chronological resume   (you may explain your choice to me if you wish in a separate note) Effective and consistent style in your use of bullets Employer centered approach,  focusing as much as possible on actions and demonstrable results from your work    Rescue this Resume.docx   If, instead,  you choose to rewrite this cover letter,  be sure that: Letter is addressed to a person by name,  not To Whom it May Concern.   Please make up an address header.  Cover letter, overall, uses appropriate visual style. First paragraph gets my attention in a professional way Second paragraph effectively highlights that you are a good fit Third paragraph requests an interview and expresses appreciation Correct this Cover Letter.docx

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