Al ESTE Company (brand audit)

Address the following questions- please do add any other information you find around the brand. 1. Brief overview of brand- what need/s is it fulfilling, country of origin 2. What is the Brand identity (also referred to as brand image)? 3. Describe the target market/segments? Are they different depending upon the country? 4. Discuss advertising/marketing assets (for ex. Ads, video- any advertising or marketing comm) you find. 5. Are ads/marketing messages consistent across countries/regions or do they differ? a. Is the brand using the adaptation or standardization strategy? 6. Are there enough contact points with consumers? Please include photos of ads, videos, website pics/URLS, and other relevant content to visually depict your research. Sources: Look at FB, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Google, Youtube, articles (WSJ, NYTIMES, Adage.

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