Welfare Policy And Single Moms

Your topic of neoliberalism and female poverty is fine.  But it seems to be broad.  You need to focus on something specific. Your purpose needs work.  Do not use psychological language like “negative association”.   You do not have a thesis.  You wrote a vague conclusion. Your subissues are not helpful.  They need work. A central problem is that your topic is too broad.  Are you going to focus on single female headed households and the privatization of childcare?  Are you going to focus on work for welfare policy and single mothers?  Pick a particular topic to focus on. In order to have a clear and concise purpose and thesis, you need to focus on a specific issue. Look at Amber Gazso, Susan Prentice, Maureen Baker, Patrizia Albanese.  They all write on the lack of affordable day care and how this impoverishes single female headed households.

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