Select a topic that is relevant to the course (Seminar Management) and write a position/research paper on said topic…. topics to chose from Globalization Sustainability Career Management- Meaning of Work and Management Skills Innovation Artificial Intelligence

To complete this assignment you will: Read the “Grammar Vigilante” article. Brainstorm a pro/con list for painting or deleting apostrophes on other people’s signs. Attach your brainstorming list to the dropbox when you turn in your finished work. If you choose to do your prewriting on paper, take a picture of the list and upload it to the dropbox as well.  Write a paragraph reflection of at least eight lines with a clear topic sentence. Your paragraph should take a stance on whether you think the “grammar vigilante” is justified in what he is doing or not. Also discuss what should happen if he is caught painting over a sign. How should his community respond?  Properly integrate at least one quotation from the article in your paragraph. This should include a clear signal phrase as well as an in-text citation. Reread with a critical audience in mind. Does your paragraph take a clear and convincing position? See Chapter 13 or the Chapter 13: Persuasion document for persuasion strategies.  Edit for fragments and run-ons by reading from last sentence to first sentence. Submit your  paragraph, and your evidence of brainstorming to your instructor by attaching it to the WA4 Assignment Dropbox. If you choose to do your prewriting (brainstorming) on paper, take a picture or scan and attach that to the Dropbox as well. All Writing Assessments should be in MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, running header, and four-line heading). (Formatting an MLA paper)

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