Bodywork to investigate

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS This week, select a health condition you are curious about, a specific population, and some form of Bodywork to investigate. For example, search the literature for the effects of massage therapy on depression of pregnant women. Read through what those have posted before you and pick something unique. Then, describe the study or review in your 1st discussion post. 1.   Describe the background of the health condition and how it affects your population (1st paragraph) 2. Detail the methods (what they did) and findings (results) of the review or study (2nd paragraph) 3. Discuss any limitations to the review or study, what the gap in research may be and where you believe future research should go (3rd paragraph).    2.         Include a brief discussion on what this means to health advocacy for your career direction. Remember to include two unique references in your 1st post and one unique reference for your peer response.

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