Cultural Journey Food & culture all around the globe

Write 3 different paragraphs (approx 250 words each). 1 on Portugal, 1 on Ghana & 1 on Argentina. Each paragraph should answers the questions below :  Please feel free to integrate, evolve, or create your own questions and responses as it feels appropriate for your cultural journey.  How are these cultures reflected in your everyday lives when considering food choices, artistic preferences, religious aspects, or other social/emotional points discussed as important throughout the chapters?    Do you see that your taste profile/preferences mimic these cultures? How or how not?  How are the profile/food choices of this region reflective of the area you live in (Florida/America)? Do you feel these food choices are integrated well in the area or missing?   How have foods of the region influenced your everyday food choices? What influences these decisions (ease, access, emotional attributes, etc.)?

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