Instrument Use In African Music

Video to refer to:  Jallow, Baba. “Traditional African Music at Creighton University.” YouTube, uploaded by Creighton University, 22 Feb. 2012, Based on the video, discuss the use and types of instruments in African Music. Your discussion must include all instrument classifications: “chordophones, idiophones, aerophones and membranophones” from the reading and one specific example/citation from the streaming video (include in-text citations/attributions e.g. at 5:36 in the video Dr. Jallow discusses…). This assignment should be a minimum of 550 words in length and your thoughts and opinions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FORMAT HELP: – Have an intro that summarizes the importance of musical instruments (in general). Then, link it to African music and how they use these instruments as a means of.  – The next few paragraphs should start listing the different instrument classifications and explaining each one’s significance. – The last paragraph should be your opinion of African music compared to modern-day music.

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