Gene Editing/Stem cell research.

nductive Essay Overview An inductive essay is one in which you begin with a subject that you work through and attempt to analyze and examine. It is not until the end of the paper that you state the claim you are making about the subject (your thesis).   Write an inductive essay. You will start with the problem that you see, work through different possible solutions, and at the end discuss the solution that you feel is best.   General Requirements 4-6 Pages typed double spaced; Times New Roman 12 pt. font; 1-inch margins. You must use at least 3 sources.APA format.     Outline Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) Present topic very briefly. Establish the context surrounding the issue Clearly establish the problem you wish to solve Possible solutions (most of the body of your paper) Begin by presenting a possible solution. explain the logic behind the solution evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. Repeat for each possible solution you have found. It is recommended that you dedicate 2 paragraphs to each solution, one to explain the solution and its logic, and 1 where you evaluate it. Your solution (last paragraph(s) of the body of your paper) Based upon the solutions that you have presented, offer which solution you feel is best. Your solution could be one that you have offered, or it could be a combination of different solutions. Conclusion (last paragraph) Wraps up your paper; leaves opportunity for future work and discussion.   Note Success in this paper hinges on your ability to balance objectivity and your perspective. When looking at alternative solutions, remain objective even if you disagree with the solution. Then, explain the solution you favor and why you feel it is best, not why you ‘like’ it.

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