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In Lieu of Chapter 10, a 4-6 page paper on the effects of Covid-19 on our Children, Adolescents and Young Adults. On November 6, you will be randomly assigned an age group, we want to know the Number of Covid-Cases, the Hospitalization Rate, Death Rate, contagion and transmission, but most of all EDUCATION. How did School go, were there Regular Full-Time In person classes, were they online, hybrid. How do the experts feel this is going to effect your age group. Was there a big difference between Socio-Economic Classes and/or Minority Groups, etc……We want you to discuss these in both a Macro (National) sense and a Micro (Local) sense. Age group assigned: Pre school You can use the ebook provided for this course but you can also use the internet for information https://platform.virdocs.com/r/s/0/doc/544197/sp/186493110/mi/587348119?cfi=%2F4%2F4%2F2%2C%2F1%3A0%2C%2F1%3A0

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