Everyone uses some form of language to communicate: hand signs, facial expressions, body language, and words. Language is one of the foundations of civilization. In the Bible, Genesis 11 mentions that everyone in the world spoke the same language, but God mixed up their languages when they came together to build a tower to reach heaven. Because of this event and the evolution of languages, we have more than 7,000 known languages in the world today. This assignment gives you the opportunity to discuss the importance of learning another language and research a language you are interested in.   Discuss the importance of learning a language. Apply new found knowledge to personal language learning. Accent: A more pronounced syllable in terms of volume, pitch, length, or a combination of these Dialect: A distinct variation of language within the same language family (example: British English and American English) Idiosyncrasy: A peculiar or unique characteristic of something Language: A system of communication utilizing the voice, writing, and signs between individuals of a similar region Linguistics: The science of language Multilingual: A person who can speak more than two languages Polyglot: A person who has learned to speak multiple languages, typically at least four   Write a formal essay of 400-500 words. The essay should include: An introduction with a thesis At least three support paragraphs based on the questions in steps 2-4 A conclusion Your first support paragraph should answer the following questions Is it important to learn a second (or more) language? Why or why not? Your second support paragraph should answer the following questions What is your first language? What other language would you be interested in learning? Why? Your third support paragraph should use research about the language you desire to learn. Using your research, answer the following questions. What are at least three major differences between your first language and the second language you are interested in? What are some difficulties you may face if you learn this language? What are some practical ways you might overcome them? Include an MLA formatted works cited page consisting of the sources that you used on a new page of your document **Important note: Use formal language, including avoiding contractions Just for fun! Watch this video about a young polyglot who can speak almost 20 languages!   Heading and headers, title, 12-point, Times New Roman or Arial font, 1-inch margins Parenthetical citations A Works Cited page Uploaded file should be titled with your first name, last name, and the title of the assignment (Your Name – How Language Develops)   Grading Rubric  Basic Formatting Heading and Headers MLA Documentation Guide More Documentation Help – Purdue OWL

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