Field Experiences and Reflection Paper

You must use these three refrences list for the paper and must be written in APA 7, please cited references and in paper. 1. Finding The Gold Within- Trailor   2. Tell Them We Are Rising- Tralior   3. Cody High- A Life Remodeled Project Trailer FIELD NOTES & FOCUS You are strongly encouraged to keep notes on each field experience. We suggest you write “field notes” with details about what you saw and heard along with your thoughts and connections to our course topics. The focus of field experience is on how teaching and learning are presented in our world. You need to critically analyze the experiences. That means you write more than simple notes on the events and actions. Critical analysis means that you are examining what you have experienced; you identify the theoretical perspectives that guide the educational process.    FIELD REFLECTION PAPER – Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length. (The minimum of 3 pages is probably a ‘C’ paper without much analysis and application of the learning theories we studied.) –  Your paper must be written in APA 7th style. (Because we do not have class time to work on the differences between APA 6 & APA 7, if you use a standard from 6, it is not a problem. Your paper must include your field log detailing your 10 hours. (Find it below.) Your reflection is written toward the end, after you have completed your study of most of the theoreticians we will explore. As noted above, you explain the teaching and learning processes you experienced and you provide a critical analysis of each. Critical analysis means you examine what you have experienced; you identify the theoretical perspectives that guide the educational process. What have you learned from these experiences about learning and teaching, and how does it relate to the theories and the perspectives you study? Feel free to connect your field experiences to your own experiences in education and, more importantly, to your understanding of the theories you have studied. How has your understanding of the “theory in action” practices, perspectives, and consequences you have experienced in the field impacted your own perspectives on these theories and informed your intended future practice as an teacher? You must include 2 educational theorist in paper.

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