Challenges of Migration and Syrian Refugees in Germany

Topic: What are some of the Germany policy for welcoming Syrians refugees and what are the challenges they face?


It can be narrowed down better if you have better ideas but we are not allowed to completely change the topic based on our annotation (I wrote it not being to specify but some of the feedback from my TA are down below).

It should be written in chicago format


This word count includes complete bibliographic references, foot or endnotes, chapter headings etc. The purpose of the research paper is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss the topic assigned to them in the format of a comprehensive, scholarly research paper, and to receive feedback from the instructor before submitting the final paper at the end of the course. Students are expected to research the topic assigned to them, use and critically engage with the existing scholarly literature and make use of what they have learned during the course.


The draft research paper will be marked along the following criteria: argument, organization and logic (is the paper presented in a logical and convincing manner?); research and use of evidence (does the paper contain extensive and effective use of available research sources? Does the paper refer to class discussions, class talks and readings? Does the paper contain proper footnotes/endnotes and bibliographic style?); communication (is the paper organized and written as clearly and concisely as possible?). The draft research paper should also be free of spelling and grammatical errors.


I have some of the researched articles (used as my annotation before but I needed to choose the best 15 articles (10 academic sources and 5 non academic) that reflect the paper well – further research can be done including some of the proposed ones in my annotation. (the 15 sources do not include the class articles just not to be confused with the required articles for the research)

Also, I will provide below some of the articles that we have looked up in class concerning migration management that could be backed-up as an opinion so that you could have a better reflection of what we have been doing in class.


The essay should include the following (TA Suggestions)

The Germany policy to welcome Syrians/refugees?
Integration of Syrians in Germany following their arrival and reasons for the challenges
The main argument should relate to the politics of migration management by asking the why and what??? (questions)


Structure of the paper

1. Introduction

2. Explanation of topic

3. Thesis statement/ research question or hypothesis and other questions to answer throughout the paper

4. Reasons why you chose this topic and what makes it relevant socially and politically or economically

I chose this topic because it questions the sovereignty of German as a member state of the EU. This is also relevant to social and economic development because of the issue of forced migration as well as question the issue of security as new immigrants and refugees are given access to enter German and other European countries.

5. Brief introduction/background information on the topic

6. Chapter structures – what follows next; focus of the paper into steps – agenda

a. Theory conceptualization (history and drawing on readings from class \

b. Analysis of the paper (main arguments, how they contradict each other, different opinions – strengths and weaknesses

c. Apply to your topic – your opinion from literatures on top of the analysis

d. Conclusion – summary of what has been said, or policy recommendation or issues that need to be addressed


CLASS articles and topics discussed (Just the ones that are relevant and related to the topic)


Sep 16-22 (module 2): “The State and International Migration”


Castles, Stephen (2004), “Why migration policies fail”, Ethnic and Racial Studies 27(2): 205-227.
Mavroudi, Elizabeth and Nagel, Caroline (2016), Global migration: Patterns, processes, and politics, London et al: Routledge, Ch. 6: “Immigration control and border politics” 5
Mavroudi, Elizabeth and Nagel, Caroline (2016), Global migration: Patterns, processes, and politics, London et al: Routledge, Ch. 7: “The politics of citizenship and integration


Sep 29-Oct 6 (module 4): “From State Politics to Regional Governance: The EU and Migration”


Andersson, Ruben (2016) ”Europe’s failed ‘fight’ against irregular migration: Ethnographic notes on a counterproductive industry”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42(7): 1055-1075. –
Geddes (2014), “The European Union. Supranational governance and the remaking of European migration policy and politics”, in: Hollifield et al. (eds.), Controlling immigration. A global perspective, 3rd edition, Stanford: Stanford University Press, pp. 433-451.
Zanker, Franzisca (2019), “Managing or restricting movement? Diverging approaches of African and European migration governance”, Comparative Migration Studies 7(17).


Oct 6-13 (module 5): “From State Politics to Global Governance: The UN and Migration”


Betts, Alexander (2011), “Global migration governance”, in: Betts, Alexander (ed.), Global migration governance, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 1-28.
Geiger, Martin (2013), “The transformation of migration politics: From migration control to disciplining mobility”, in: Geiger, Martin & Pécoud, Antoine (eds.), Disciplining the transnational mobility of people, Basingstoke et al.: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 15-40.
Karatani, Rieko (2005), “How history separated refugee and migrant regimes: In search of their institutional origins”, International Journal of Refugee Law 17(3): 517- 541


Oct 20-Nov 3 (module 7): “Migration Management and the Role of Non-State and Inter-State Actors I”


Bigo, Didier (2002), “Security and immigration: Toward a critique of the governmentality of unease”, Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 27: 63-92.
Hernández-León,Rubén(2013),“Conceptualizing the migration industry”,in: Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas & Nyberg-Sørensen, Ninna (eds.), The migration industry and the commercialization of international migration, Oxon/New York: Routledge, pp. 24-44.
Lemberg-Pedersen, Martin (2013), “Private security companies and the European borderscapes”, in: Gammeltoft- Hansen, Thomas & Nyberg-Sørensen, Ninna (eds.), The Migration industry and the commercialization of international migration, Oxon/New York: Routledge, pp. 152-172.


Nov 3-10 (module 8): “Migration Management and the Role of Non-State and Inter-State Actors II”


Elie, Jérôme (2010), “The historical roots of cooperation between the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration”, Global Governance 16(3): 345-360. –
Geiger, Martin & Pécoud, Antoine (2013), “International organisations and the politics of migration”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 40 (6): 865-887.
Loescher, Gil (2017), “UNHCR’s origins and early history: Agency, influence, and power in global refugee policy”, Refuge 33(1): 77-86.

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