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Music, Women & Gender

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Question 1: (150 words)
Find a single MUSIC VIDEO, one by a male or female artist that does not produce negatives images of gender or sexuality and let us know your reasons. Your music video does not have to be limited to the portrayal of a female, but could also look at how a man or LGBTQ person would look like, free of the constraint of stereotypes.

Question 2: (150 words)
Within the context of the topics of this week, discuss Katy Perry’s music video Smile (2020):

Question 3: (500 words)
Lady Gaga’s influence in the areas of gender and sexuality are huge. Choose one MUSIC VIDEO by Lady Gaga and discuss gender and sexuality using the points brought up in this week’s material. Include:
* Narrative and topics
* Camera angles
* Relationship with the viewer
* Other characters and how they are portrayed

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