Research paper, thesis, argumentative, cause and effect, annotated bibliography

I have provide a essay that I have previously written(essay2) that is pertaining to this paper/essay that you are writing(essay3).
Essay 3 is closely related to essay 2 in content. You will need to use the same topic as well as the two sources I used in Essay 2 to complete Essay 3. Essay 3 is a cause and effect essay. This means you will need to rethink and rework essay 2 topic to fit into the cause and effect mode.

write a research paper that involves investigation of a select topic. the purpose of the paper should be to inform an academic audience. the primary rhetorical strategy should be cause and effect (either or not both) the paper should be written in third person. the paper must be documented using MLA parenthetical, in-text documentation(not footnotes or endnotes); it must include an MLA style work cited page. the essay should be no more than 4-5 pages typed(not including the work cited pages), double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, with an MLA style four-line heading on the first page and a name-page-number header in the upper right corner of each page. margin must be one-inch margins on all sides. cite and properly document recent(within the past five years unless the topic is in the field of history) source support at least two scholarly, professional or trade journals, using full-text articles(not new briefs, not abstracts, and not summaries) , one newspaper article, and two additional sources(internet, audiovisual source, books or articles) only two internet sources from credible domains such as .gov or .edu sites can be used. you must use the two sources from the essay that I’ve provide that ive summarized from a previous essay assignment, you may use some of the content but you may not copy and paste the entire assignment/essay into this essay. no plagiarism at all. a draft will be needed and final copy because of the length limitation for the paper, it may be helpful to think of the topic in terms of one of the following organizations strategies identify one cause that has resulted in many effects or identify one affect that is the result of many causes. this paper must include a thesis statement and lastly a Annotated Bibliography for this paper (essay3). The Annotated Bibliography should be a technical and detailed evaluation of sources used or possible will be used in this paper(essay3). The Annotations should be descriptive and critical; an expose the author’s point of view, clarity, and appropriateness of expression, and authority. and be a more in-depth analysis of the article and how it relates to this paper(essay3) topic and research.

I have provide…

A essay that I have previously written(essay2) that should be pertaining to this paper/essay that you are writing(essay3) (mine, can use)

Essay 3 grading rubric

A Annotated Bibliography example ( not pertaining to anything, just a guide) (don’t use)

A Essay 2 example (not mine, just a guide)

A Essay 3 introduction example (not mine, just a guide) (don’t use)

A Essay 3 final copy example (not mine, just a guide) (don’t use)

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