Short Answer: Questions, Prior Knowledge, and Assumptions for Study

Must use this source:

Prompt: Learning how to ask good questions helps shape our learning. Science is constantly building on the work of those who came before. Review the news story you have chosen and respond to the questions below in 1–2 paragraphs each.

· What question related to the topic in the news story you chose would you, assuming the role of a natural scientist, like to study? Justify your decision.


1) What specifically makes baboons a good choice for Alzheimer’s testing? Use this question.

2) Why are rodents used in Alzheimer’s testing?


· What prior knowledge and assumptions about the science topic in your article did you have before viewing this news story? In other words, describe what you already knew about the topic.


Question: Describes the question related to the topic of the chosen news story to study (provided in the URL – Baboon model could aide in Alzheimer’s disease intervention

Prior Knowledge and Assumptions: Describes what is already known about the topic (examples of what I know listed below)

Focus: Describes the question of interest and focus of project work

Communicates clearly: Clearly communicates key ideas and thoughts in a short-answer response

Example of prior knowledge:

I did not have a lot of scientific knowledge about Alzheimer’s prior to reading this article except that this disease impacts a very large number of Americans. I did however have a personal account of watching a family member fade away with this disease and I have had several friends and co-workers who have family members with the same affliction. I was aware that Alzheimer’s is the deterioration of the cognitive functioning of the brain which leads to a slow loss of memory that includes not being able to do the simple chores or functions that were once not even thought about, loss of being able to identify people whom they had known for many years and even the inability to recognize family. All symptoms lead to a severe loss of quality of life, potentially even a to vegetative state and then eventually death usually due to stroke.

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