Global Economic

Use the McCartney, Hearty, Amot, Popham, Cumbers, & McMaster (2019) article for this worksheet.
Please don’t use a direct quote from the article.

Question 1: The results section of the article breaks down many types of studies they reviewed, based on the themes they found (starting on p. e4)- “economic recession”, “health care policy”, “income inequality”, “housing and physical environment”, etc. These are all related to environmental factors. Choose one of these themes and explain how it impacts the economy. Then, explain how it relates to at least one part of the environment (physical, political, etc.).

Question 2: Identify 2 occupations the article refers to, and explain how the economy may have an impact on them. The article does not mention them explicitly, but find them, because they are there!

Question 3: Based on the article’s findings, what is one way we could improve performance of each of these occupations? List at least one solution for each occupation (two total).

Question 4: The article suggests that countries with lower income inequality have populations with better health. What is one reason that may be true? Think about economically-related issues like poverty, access to resources, health care, social programs, etc.

BONUS Question 5: Think of an example of an event or topic that has impacted the economy. How did the change in the economy impact occupations for a certain population? (This event should be different from what you discuss in this week’s Moodle post.)

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