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Business ethics memo.

Research-in-progress report and drafting outline

Imagine that you are about to shift production / manufacturing operations of your recent start-up company from overseas back to the U.S.  Your new U.S. division will take over the production of a recently launched children’s travel product (a line of plush characters with pockets and zippers which attaches to the shoulder harness of a child’s seat belt while travelling in a car or on an airplane).  Although you and a partner recently invented this product in Massachusetts, for the past 2 years you have fully manufactured in China and you have long wanted to bring it back “home” so your social media team could tout that it is “Made In America.”

Your decision to bring manufacturing to the U.S. has given you the opportunity to potentially employ an additional 100 office, management, sales and factory employees (who will cut and sew your new travel product and help you grow your domestic operations).

What are the core ethical values that you would want to inspire and guide your employees from “day one?”  One might phrase those “core values” as a function of specific stakeholders (such as: “honesty and courtesy toward investors / shareholders,” or “maintaining a level playing field for your supplies of fabric” or “conducting your operations in an environmentally sensitive way.”

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