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Reflection About Trusting Relationships

(Always complete your Reflective writing in the first person. It is personal, about you. So your response to these questions will include many sentences that begin with “I.” Be sure to include specific personal examples to make your thinking clear.)

1. Reflect on a trusting relationship you have (or have had) in your life. What created that trust for you and how do (or did) you benefit from that relationship?
2. How do you feel about establishing trust and meeting the emotional needs of a group of infants and toddlers? Think about concerns, questions, or expectations you might have about this process.
3. In thinking about building trust with each infant or toddler, what might be your top priorities?
Responsive Interactions That Promote Trust

For each brief scenario, describe an action or lack of action on the part of the caregiver that would be a potential barrier to the development of trust, Then, describe a responsive action the caregiver could give that would promote the relationship with the infant or toddler and the development trust between the infant/toddler and the caregiver. Please see the Example Row for clarification.

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