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Major Writing task 1500 words,
Using the terminology from today’s reading and materials, what can you say about the nature of Indigenous recognition and representation in political and social ways in Australian culture? Why is it important for Indigenous Australia to be seen to ‘exist’ and have ways of knowing recognised? (report introduction)

What implications does this have on how people learn about political issues?
QUESTION 1: 250 words What ontologies and epistemologies shape Indigenous Australia’s experience according to Moreton-Robinson? What implications does this have for social service and policy delivery?

• QUESTION 2: 250 words What implications does whiteness standpoints have on social class and experiences of Indigenous people economically?
• 250 words social class and how it presents in depictions and experiences of social class in Aboriginal communities: given some of the determinants of well-being / success/ health?
• 250 words about the topic of Truth Telling and Sovereignty, and how you understand it to present in documented evidence, this week’s reading, a and political representation of Aboriginal peoples in Australia
• 250 words discussing the experience of the intervention and ways sovereignty and truth telling can address the impacts of the events.

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