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Question One

Create a table or tables which;

a) allow a clear visual comparison of Hello Fresh’s marketing mix across eight countries (see separate website list in Assignment Brief folder where suggested countries have been highlighted in yellow)
b) help both you and the reader to understand the use of standardisation and adaptation, with examples.

The answer to this question should be placed in the Appendices of your report and must not exceed 4 sides of A4. It will not count in the word count.

Question Two

How should Hello Fresh’s approach to branding best be described; ‘global’, ‘regional’ or local’?

Your answer should provide a fully reasoned argument, which draws on your findings from the Appendix table and further research, and evaluates how this evidence fits with the concept of a ‘global’, ‘regional’ or ‘local’ brand.

You must use authoritative sources especially Interbrand, recent academic articles, International Marketing or Branding text books to support and argue your case.

(Suggested max word count 1000 words)

Question Three

Hello Fresh is already available in Sweden, but the German headquarters propose to expand further in Scandinavia, to Denmark and Finland.

They are planning a digital and social media campaign for these three countries, to support expansion.

The Chief Marketing Executive has proposed a ‘pan-European’ approach with;

a) A ‘Dollar Shave Club’ style video (English language) featuring the chef Jamie Oliver
b) A major focus on mobile marketing
Note: For Dollar Shave Club video see

However, staff from the Swedish office claim that a ‘country by country’ approach would be preferable, arguing that cultural differences and the needs of local consumers require;

a) A different video for each of Denmark, Sweden and Finland
b) Very little use of mobile marketing

Your task is to:

Critically evaluate the above options and make clear recommendations on the best way forward, as concerns both:

a) The video
b) The high or low importance of mobile marketing
Your answer should be fully justified and draw on specific evidence/research from Denmark, Sweden and Finland e.g. using Passport.

You must also use authoritative academic sources (for example, Hofstede, Hall, de Mooij, articles from WARC or ABI Inform/Proquest) to support and argue your case.

Suggested max word count – 1500 words

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