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Introduction & conclusion at least 3 sentences each. Each body paragraph 4 – 6 sentences long. 3 creditable sources and the Bible. Minium three pages. (750-1000 words).Written in an objective voice. Decide on a clear organization (by point or by subject). Must include a Christian perspective throughout paper. (I can add on a title page and reference page) I just need the gut portion and what references were used.

Compare Contrast Essay

Topic below.

  • Social media “friendships” contrasted with real conversations

Think about what some specific areas are in that topic that you could compare. (you will want to have at least two – three areas to compare).

  1. Expectations
    1. Introduction and conclusion should be at least three sentences each
    2. Each body paragraph should be four to six sentences long.
    3. You will need to include at three credible sources (using Bultema Memorial Library) and the Bible.
    4. All sources will be cited correctly in the paper and on the reference page.
    5. Use the APA template to format the paper. (title page, running head, page numbers, font, margins…)
    6. The paper needs to be a minimum of three pages, but not more than four pages long. (750-1000 words) This does not include the title or reference pages.
    7. The paper should be written in an objective voice. Avoid phrases like “I think” and “I found out”. Avoid using personal experience. Prove your points based on the research you’ve done.
    8. Decide on a clear organization (by point or by subject).
    9. Include a clear Christian perspective throughout the paper.
    10. The paper should be free of grammatical, mechanical, and spelling errors.
  1. Timeline
    1. During Week 2, you will write the thesis statement and outline for the paper.
    2. During Week 3, you will begin to find your credible sources and write the introduction and concluding paragraphs.
    3. Submit the paper to the discussion forum by Friday to get feedback from your peers during Week 4.
    4. The instructor will give specific feedback on this draft.
    5. Use the feedback to create a final draft to be submitted by the end of Week 5.
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