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International marketing plan for Walmart entering Australian market



Competitor Analysis

Customer Analysis

Environmental Analysis (PEST Analysis)

SMART marketing objective


Market Targeting Strategy


Market-entry strategy

Product strategy + Standardisation/Adaptation


Pricing strategy + Standardisation/Adaptation

Place (Distribution) strategy + Standardisation/Adaptation

Promotional strategy + Standardisation/Adaptation

Reference list

MARK343 Assessment 4 IMP Written Report (25%) – notes and guidelines

The objective of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to develop an international marketing plan for a product/service in a specified country. The project emphasises the need to understand the overall environment as an essential step preceding the preparation of a marketing plan. For this assessment it is not critical to be concerned with where the product is manufactured or from where it is shipped. The emphasis must be on the marketing strategies of the project.

Format of the report

As most of your data will be secondary data, and sometimes difficult to obtain in any depth, it is reasonable to make some assumptions in most areas in order to complete the report. They must be realistic for your company, the country and the product.

Maximum 1,500 words (excluding cover page, header page, references and appendices). Using appendices is a method of presenting additional useful material – e.g. tables, charts etc., but they must be relevant and succinct, no more than 3 pages if any. Important note: you should not expect to get marks from the appendices. Your report must present each section sufficiently and effectively.

Elements Marks Words Concept/Strategy Resource
3Cs Analysis (Company, Competitor and Customer Analyses) 5






Environmental Analysis (PEST Analysis) 10 ~180
SMART marketing objective 5 ~90
Segmentation (bases) 5 ~90
Targeting (Market targeting strategy) 5 ~90
Positioning (competitive advantages) 5 ~90
Market‐entry strategy 5 ~90
Product + Standardisation/Adaptation 5 + 2.5 ~135
Price + Standardisation/Adaptation 5 + 2.5 ~135
Place + Standardisation/Adaptation 5 + 2.5 ~135
Promotion + Standardisation/Adaptation 5 + 2.5 ~135

Include this Competitor Analysis table into your report for comparing (you can choose whatever offerings you find suitable and easy for you to make comparison with other potential competitors)

Product here can be a category like clothing or a specific one in that category like shirts or any product/service that Walmart has, you can choose whatever you want, but importantly you need evidence/justification for your choosing.

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