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Assignment 1

Through this assignment your group will begin to complete a comprehensive analysis of a company.

Your submission should be structured in a business report format – include headers, bullets and proper grammar throughout.

The company can be chosen from the list below, and you will continue to work with this company for your second group assignment.


The company we choose :  Bell Canada

Use the company’s investor information sites and SEDAR to access information required to respond to the following:

  • Corporate Overview
    1. Identify What industy(ies) the company operates within. What is the current state of the industry (opportunities, hurdles, sensitivities, etc)
    2. Who are the key leadership individuals of the company – how long have they been there – comment on their ability to manage the company
  • What has the company stated as their key strategies/focuses
  • Financial Analysis
    1. Calculate five (5) ratios that you feel will give you some useful information about COMPANY NAME. (You may only select 5 and the first 5 will be marked.)
    2. Explain what each of these ratios tells you about COMPANY NAME.
  • Calculate the same ratios you selected in ‘i’ for the previous year.
  1. Based on the results of ‘iii’ – is COMPANY NAME in a better position in the current year or a worse? Explain how you arrived at this conclusion.
  • Cash flow Statement:
    1. How is COMPANY NAME doing at generating cash from operations?

The changes in non-working capital accounts help tell a reader where cash is coming from. Using the balance sheet tell me what the change is and whether it is a source or use of cash

  1. How did COMPANY NAME pay for their Investing Activities? (Be specific – i.e. tell me the source and the $ amount)


  • Conclusion:
    1. Based on early analysis completed, comment on how the company is doing

Grades also provided based on Formating, Grammar, Language and readability.

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