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Research Paper

Directions:  You are going to write a research paper.  This research paper will use the text “Room”by Emma Donoghue as primary source and connect to a topic below. You will use the text as your primary source; this means it will be the backbone to the research. Much like your journals, the research paper will analyze and dissect the text. You will bring in secondary sources to prove your argument.  Remember, this is your research paper, so you should be discovering something new in the text and thus, bringing something new to the table.  You will also include an “I” piece in your research, in which you have connected yourself to the text and to the research.


Trauma Theory

Primary Source: This is any text that was assigned this semester that you want to use as your prime example for research. Perhaps, I want you to go further with Room and do research of Trauma Theory.

Secondary Source: These are my credible articles or texts that are the research. You will include at minimum 4 secondary sources to support your topic for the Final Research Paper. (ONLY USE SANTA ANA COLLEGE LIBRARY SOURCES)


MLA formatted

4 sources or more, 1 hardcopy—not including your primary source

*Only use the SAC online library for web based sources (articles or journals)

6-7 pages in length—not including the Works Cited page

1 paragraph before your conclusion that states why you chose this topic (can include “I”)


See Syllabus

Final Research Paper Rubric

Essay Structure                               _________/40


-Body Paragraphs


6-7 pages (not including Work Cited)

MLA Formatting                              _________/40

-Formatting (margins, font, paragraphs, etc.)

-Works Cited page (4 or more sources)

-Quotations cited correctly

-Headers and Headings

Audience                                          _________/50

-Formal/ Academic Language

-No biased content

-Does not say “I” other than “I” piece

-Presents authentic and new information

-Sentence structure and syntax varies

Paragraph Structure                      _________/50

-Topic/Transition sentences

-Evidence Presented



-Closing sentences

Total: __________/180


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